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A heartwarming romantic drama by USA Today best-selling author Jenny Hale.

Putting her dreams of becoming an interior designer on hold to look after her recently widowed grandmother, Holly McAdams would like nothing more than to bring the sparkle back to her grandmother's eyes. So when her grandmother suggests spending Christmas at the cabin, Holly packs everything up, including the tree, and drives to Leiper's Fork despite the impending snowstorm.


When they finally make it to the cabin Holly is surprised to discover Joseph Barnes, the handsome business man who has been renting the cabin, still there - his departure delayed due to the storm. 

Holly tries to make the best of things enlisting Joseph's help in preparing for the  holidays despite the fact that her grandmother has taken an instant disliking to him.


When Holly learns that Joseph has come to Leiper's Fork to scout locations for his upcoming wedding she tries to keep her distance. But the closer it gets to Christmas the closer Holly and Joseph become.


When Joseph's wedding planner quits Holly finds herself in the uncomfortable position of having to oversee his high-end wedding. 

If things weren't complicated enough, Holly’s child-hood sweetheart, country music star Rhett Burton, is back in town after all these years and it is obvious to everyone, Joseph included, that Rhett still harbours feelings for her.


Torn between the boy who broke her heart and a man engaged to be married Holly will have to gain the courage to face both the present and the past if she is ever going to have a chance for happiness in the future.

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