A one-hour dramatic series that focuses on the struggling resort town of Eternity Springs and the personal transformations that occur when optimistic and diverse Celeste Blessing arrives to town.
Once a tourist destination known as “a little piece of heaven nestled in a valley in the Rocky Mountains", Eternity Springs is a  town on the brink of collapse until the free-spirited Celeste Blessing arrives after having inherited the Cavanaugh House - a crumbling historic manor scheduled for demolition - with the plans of turning it into a resort,
Folks are initially convinced Celeste is out of her mind until a hidden hot springs is unearthed during the renovations.
With the help of a few of the more open-minded members of the community Celeste renovates the Cavanaugh House.
While the centre brings renewed income to the town it doesn't do much to restore people's faith in themselves or each other.
But if Celeste is going to help the people of Eternity Springs she will first have to get them to embrace change and diversity as well as earn their acceptance and while her optimism proves a breath of fresh air to some, others, more set in their ways, won't be as easy to win over.  



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