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86min   |   English   | 

Director : Stuart Archer

Cast: Sarah Fisher, Robin Dunne

LILLY ABRAMS (Sarah Fisher) is practically flawless. She’s smart, beautiful and has a promising career as a nurse technician. But everything changes when her obsessive ex-boyfriend, SPENCER,  attacks her and her new boyfriend, PATRICK, killing Patrick and slicing Lilly's face, before plunging off a building.. 

Physically and emotionally scarred. Lilly moves to a new city, changing her name to STELLA, and hiring a handsome,  plastic surgeon, DR. MICHAEL MARLOWE, (Robin Dunne) at the INFINITY CLINIC, to remove her scar, hoping to  put the trauma behind her,

The nightmare finally behind her, Stella accepts a position at the Infinity Clinic where the attraction between Dr. Micheal Marlowe and Stella mounts despite the fact that Michael is married. 


When, a series of murders rock the Infinity Clinic, all fingers point at the new girl leaving Stella to find a way to convince people that she isn't delusional and that, her stalker, Spencer, may still be very much alive.

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